Prarthana & David

Two worlds apart, Joined with one heart

David Liaño González is the first mountaineer to double summit on Mount Everest from both the Nepal and Tibet sides, for which the Guinness Book of World Récords awarded him in 2013. He has climbed both versions of the Seven Summits. David started his journey with climbing at the age of 13, when he started climbing volcanic peaks in Mexico. As of today he has 23 years of a climbing experience: 7 times Everest summit (Guinness World Record for double ascent in the same season), several 8,000m peak climbs, highest mountain in every continent in the world, several ascents in the Alps, Andes, North America, etc. David decided to combine his passion with a purpose. The purpose being to spread a message for dépression, and working hand in hand to spread awareness for the Live Laugh Foundation (TLLLF) founded by the veteran leading Indian actor Deepika Padukone. The project happens to be one of the most ambitious projects in the history. Apart from these fabulous achievements, David, also enjoys other adventures like singlehanded sailing around the world, and mostly paragliding. He has several years of experience of high altitude flights in the Mexican Volcanos, Nepal, the Himalayas, North West of the United States and several other flight sites in Mexico.He also enjoys ultra marathons and has participated, in several Ironman triathlons, over 18 marathons, hundreds of road races, endurance cycling and a few one-day adventure races. Despite finance being his primary profession, he lives a life of adventure. Prarthana Purushothaman is an architect, Vedic astrologer, and is currently launching her own fashion label in the near future. She pursued her Bachelors of Architecture from Pune, India. She hosts her own Vedic astrology website named as She then went on and studied a few fashion business courses from UAL London and Marangoni Milan. Her fashion label would be an e commerce based brand from Seattle. In 2019, Prarthana began her own fashion, travel and beauty blog called the Road Dress Travelled ( The blog features diverse content based on a number of trending issues. Apart from these interests, Prarthana is also a professional artist and sells her paintings on her social networking platform named The Artsy Nib. Prarthana and David met in a very karmic and unique way. It was the year of 2016, and David was climbing Mt. Everest for the live laugh love foundation and was featured on the newspaper in India. Prarthana was a die-hard Deepika Padukone fan, and happened to come across this newspaper article. With a keen curiosity she went on to read about his achievements and went through David’s blog- She developed an immense respect for him and the first interaction between us was through social media. This interaction happened slowly all through 2 years until David approached Prarthana for an astrology consultation. This was the point the relationship started to develop into something more magical. He made his first trip to India and met Prarthana for the first time and it was love at first sight! Our families instantly began to grow closer and grew fond of each other so seamlessly. What is so special about this relationship from the beginning was that it started from the basis of mutual respect, admiration and curiosity for one another! They couldn’t be happier to be married to one another and start an incredible adventurous journey!!!!.